Moldova Classic Tour 8 days

About Tour

In 1940 after the Ribbentrop Molotov pact, Bessarabia was taken away for the last time. After the collapse of Soviet Union a new country was born from the ashes of the Old Soviet Empire. During this trip you will visit a 25 years old country in which the most important assets are... the WINE and the COMMUNISM, which is still living through an independent Republic of Transnistria. You will explore the most picturesque sites of our sunny country and have the most unique experiences meeting local families and learning about our daily life and traditions.

1st day

Arrival Chisinau

August 11 th, 2018

2nd day

Gagauzia – Manuc Manor from Hincesti

August 11 th, 2018

3rd day

Cricova – Pocrovca - Soroca

August 11 th, 2018

4th day

Soroca – Japca and Cunicea Monastery - Lalova

August 11 th, 2018

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If you go to Moldova, for tourism or for business, you can't do it without Cristina. She knows the country perfectly, its history,...

I could give her at least fifteen stars ... Cristina is an exemplary guide, makes you know Moldova like no one ever. On a par if no...

We are an Italian family of 4 people and we did an 8-day tour in Moldavia from 28.03 to 03.04.2018 organized by the Ways Travel age...